Three Most Shocking Ethics Scandals in Recent History

The story of Rep. Allen West’s political demise was a sad tale of political corruption, betrayal and dishonesty; but it was not the first time a Republican state representative has fallen in that regard. Here are a few of their names:

Aaron Bernstein PA State Representative was elected in 2020 to represent a Southern district in the Florida State House of Representatives. After being sworn into office, he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. During his conviction, he repeatedly used curse words and hurled expletives at a judge. In other words, he behaved like any other drunk driver out on the roads. This behavior cost him his seat; as a result, he lost the election to an even more conservative candidate.

Bob Simpson also ran for office in 2020, only to be defeated. Simpson had run for the state House of Representatives before but lost all three previous races. He was an openly gay man. During his campaign, his opponent was seen talking about his sexuality with staff members. This made him a target for gay slurs and a possible candidate for gay bashing. To know more about news, visit this website at

Aaron Bernstine State Representative was elected to the state House of Representatives in a stunning upset victory and soon after began to have his way of doing things called into question. While some were saying that he was out of touch with reality, others were just upset that he was in politics.

Ken Bryan was then elected the state representative for another district, and the rumors about his character were not helped by his choice of attire. Bryan had been photographed dressed as a clown at a children’s birthday party. His opponent’s campaign manager implied that this was proof that Bryan was out of touch with his district and constituents.

These two incidents were only the beginning of the downfall of Bob Simpson. No matter what anyone thinks, it is hard to deny that the corruption, dishonesty and dishonoring of the public trust are a major problem, and need to be addressed.

When the corruption was uncovered, it was revealed that Bob Simpson was using campaign funds to pay for a personal loan and for other miscellaneous expenses. In one instance, Simpson’s campaign account was overdrawn by his campaign manager, and Simpson himself was the beneficiary of the overdraft. He did not file the appropriate financial disclosure paperwork to correct the mistake, and he never disclosed this fact to the voters of his district.

When Bob Simpson was asked if he believed that he should have filed a financial disclosure form, he said that he would have if he had known that he was being investigated for this crime. He also said that he did not believe that he was a perfect person, but rather that he could have done more to stop the investigation. Simpson’s campaign manager said that he was aware of the problems, but they did not think that the charges were justified.

Simpson is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, and is the author of a bill that aims to cut back on government spending by cutting off federal funding from sanctuary cities and forcing illegal aliens to pay their own healthcare costs. He is also a member of the House Veterans Committee and a member of the Taxpayers Protection and Accountability Committee. If Simpson believes that he is an expert on taxes, he should be ashamed to represent this district, as his record says otherwise.

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